Inspiring Read-Alouds About the Civil Rights Movement

This is a list of living books that tell the stories of the people and events of the Civil Rights Movement. While these are picture books, they are stories that all ages can appreciate. Some of my very favorite children’s books are on this list because they tell such inspiring stories of courage and determination.Continue reading “Inspiring Read-Alouds About the Civil Rights Movement”

Learning About Pioneers with American Girl Kirsten, Part 4: The Dakota Native Americans

An important part of the story of the pioneers is the story of the Native Americans that lived in the land before them. In this lesson we will learn about the Dakota natives that lived in the Minnesota Territory before Kirsten and her family arrived.

American Girl Kaya Part 2: Nimiipuu Food

Learn about the way Native Americans got their food and how they cooked. Free lesson plan full of fun hands-on activities for learning about the Nimiipuu tribe!

Learning About Pioneer Life with American Girl Kirsten Part 2: Pioneer Food

Learn how to make Swedish pioneer food just like Kirsten would have eaten! Includes instructions on making butter!

Learning About Colonial America with Felicity Part 4: Clothing

Some of the early colonists were puritans and were known for their plain and somber style of dress. But not where Felicity lived! In the Virginia colony, people loved fashion! They imitated the latest styles in England and they liked to wear fancy and beautiful clothing, shoes, accessories, and wigs. The wealthier colonists imported muchContinue reading “Learning About Colonial America with Felicity Part 4: Clothing”

Learning About Pioneer Life with American Girl Kirsten Part 1: Immigrating to America

Learn about American Girl Kirsten’s journey to America as an immigrant from Sweden. Free lesson plan with fun hands-on activities!