The anabolic steroid Parabolan is a relatively young drug that has already won the trust of athletes. The instrument has high anabolic and androgenic properties and at the same time is practically not aromatized. This eliminates the need to deal with the consequences of high estrogen levels in the body. An equally important property of a steroid is its inability to hold fluid in the body. Following the Parabolan track, athletes achieve excellent dry weight, which is essential for participation in competitions.

Athletes who choose to take Parabolan should keep in mind that a good effect can only be achieved with a high-protein diet program. It significantly reduces the body’s fat stores and makes the muscles harder and more flexible.

Parabolan - how to take, effects on the body


Parabolan is an exceptionally versatile anabolic steroid available to athletes and bodybuilders. It is extremely potent and does not require high doses to induce wellness. Its potency is 5 times greater than the anabolic power of testosterone making it the ideal testosterone delivery force which makes it the ideal testosterone delivery force, an additional advantage of Parabolan is its inability to aromatize to estrogens resulting in absolutely no side effects associated with the delay of Jindko. Unlike aromatizable forms of androgens (such as Dianabol), Parabolan, which is unaffected by estrogenic influences, allows the user to completely avoid such irritation as an edematous appearance. In general, you can achieve much better using Parabolan, Diet and Normal

Parabolan can be used for fat loss, Sushkisasoveneverneve losers. It is actually the most sought after anabolic steroid among competitive bodybuilders and is considered such an indispensable addition to their steroid cycles that it is often referred to as “the nectar of the gods”. Trenbolone’s extremely potent effect on nutritional distribution, combined with a net calorie deficit and proper exercise, can lead to fairly rapid fat loss. “Three Dimensional” Appearance The highly androgenic nature of Parabolan is also able to increase hardness and vasculature, Arabolan can also increase hardness. i The effect is of course only visible if the fat layer is present.

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What are the effects of Parabolan?

Using this steroid will help:

  • Rapid increase in muscle mass to ten pounds in one course;
  • Increase the strength of the athlete;
  • Increased growth hormone production;
  • Activation of the fat burning process;
  • A significant increase in sexual desire, which decreases rapidly after discontinuation of treatment when gonadotropin and Clomid are not used together;
  • Duplicate insulin-like growth factor.

Trebolone is a derivative of testosterone, but, on the contrary, the drug based on this active ingredient is five times more potent on androgen receptors. This explains the high anabolic activity.

Few steroids have a similar ability to increase strength and muscle mass. The fact that aromatase does not convert it to estrogen significantly affects the distribution of Parabolan. Therefore, taking steroids does not cause fluid retention and reduces the risk of gynecomastia to zero.

What are the effects of Parabolan?


Those who took Parabolan regularly considered it necessary. The most common weekly dose was 3 ampoules (228 mg), although many people found it to be effective at lower doses. Although this dosing regimen is adequate, athletes often inject one vial at a time, distributing the entire amount evenly over the week. Although Parabolan works on its own, it is often combined with other steroids for even greater effect. It was possible to add a tasteless anabolic Winstrol or Primobolan. This combination provides density and strength that are effective when performing on stage. You can also add stronger substances such as Dianabol or Testosterone. Thanks to this combination, muscle mass is significantly increased, but with fluid retention. The moderately potent anabolic steroids Deca-Durabolin and Equipoice provide strength and weight without disturbing fluid, experiencing a faster taste of the steroids.

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For the proper use of Parabolan, it is best to consult a specialist or at least an experienced athlete who has used the drug several times. The ideal dose is 100 to 300 mg once a week. Some bodybuilders may inject twice a week or even daily when stacking trenbolone with other steroids.

Because Parabolan prevents the production of testosterone in the body, it is best to combine it with gonadotropin from the second week of the course. The second dose is 500-1000 mg.

Trenbolone can be combined with other drugs to enhance this effect. All testosterone ester derivatives, such as ethanolate or cypionate, are suitable for this purpose. In addition, a combination with boldenone, winstrol and oxandrolone is possible. The combination with clenbuterol and ephedrine is not recommended.

The duration of use of parabolan should not exceed 8 weeks. Depending on the intensity of the injection, the duration may be shortened. Remember that despite its many benefits, trenbolone is toxic.

How to take Parabolan

Without the use of gonadotropins, the steroid is taken for a month and a half, ie six weeks. If you have a strong inhibition of androgen testosterone production, it is recommended that you start taking this medicine in the second week after starting treatment. Gonadotropin should be administered in 500-1000 ml once a week. Long-term PCT (post-cycle treatment) lasts two weeks. If the goal of the course is to increase muscle mass, taking Mrimobolan will give you the best results. 100-300 ml are applied once every seven days. The weekly dose can be divided into two injections.

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The unique frame of the Parabolan 100 allows it to achieve significant strength and weight. To enhance this effect, the steroid is combined with drugs such as Oxandrolone, Winstrol, Stanozolol, Methandienone, Primoblan, Bolderone and Oxymetholone, as well as with testosterone esters. The peculiarity of the drug is that it can be taken with all anabolic steroids selected depending on the purpose. The lack of aromatization does not require the use of antiestrogens after discontinuation of the course.

How to take Parabolan

Possible side effects

Exceeding the dose and duration of use of this steroid almost always causes side effects. An athlete who does not follow these recommendations may suffer from hypertension, insomnia, aggression, hair loss, acne, low libido, and a slow erection.

An important condition is taking gonadotropin or cabergoline during the course. The hepatotoxicity is mild. Androgenic effects are rare and there is no estrogen. The combination of ephedrine and clenbuterol is not recommended.